About us

General Introduction


ACEPOWER TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and trader of electronics and electrical equipment and with wide worldwide export to more than 30 countries.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying UPS, Battery, solar power system, and other electrical power products. We are a company with CE certificate and all of our products are designed and produced in accordance with CE standard. 

Our products not only occupy a large share in Chinese market but also export to many other countries and regions including South America,Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia with a wide recognition.

Our motto:

- Take Quality First. We believe that success is in the details.
- Good Faith Utmost. We believe that quality products start with quality people. 
- Specialized and professional with well skilled focus
Quality requirements of our products and services will be specified into every step of the whole process.
Honesty is the most essential quality and character that every our employee shall have.

Market and sales policies

We, ACEPOWER TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd believe that our large success in market is based on three main policies. 
- Long-term cooperation

It is our aim in establishing our relationship with every customer and helping him to win a constant development. 
- Price positioning strategy
Small profits but quick turnover is our business experience. We always supply our high quality products with the best prices based on our quality criterion.
- After-sale service and support
As we all know, in the global world, where there are no limits anymore, the competition in every field is getting more thorough. High quality products based on strategy of total quality management is the key point. We believe that high quality is a must. Meanwhile, we believe that we need to differentiate ourselves in order to create customer satisfaction.

Obviously Customer satisfaction is the key word for the success.

We believe that both our customers and we will achieve great successes in global market as well as in Chinese market in a win-win situation based on our abundant resource and Specialized and professional experience in the Power Supply Products field.